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Our culture and city actively support and celebrate a wide range of sexual identities, orientations, and behaviors. And yet there are many men and women conflicted between their sexual desires and their faith. These men and women long for a different way. Portland Fellowship offers a message to those conflicted -- a message of freedom and hope found in Jesus Christ.

Our purpose is to glorify Jesus Christ by proclaiming His incredible power to release people from being controlled by their desires. Such freedom begins with repentance from one's sin and putting faith in Christ as Savior and Lord.

Those who come to us are wounded by past hurts and taken captive by the desire to fulfill unmet needs for love and affirmation through (unwanted) same-sex desires and relationships. Portland Fellowship seeks to help equip men and women to walk in freedom from these desires as transformation takes place. Our emphasis is not on changing one's attraction from 'gay' to 'straight' (although many have seen this identity change take place in their lives), but rather to disciple men and women into a growing personal relationship with Christ, allowing Him to do a transforming work and always moving toward His original design.

Our methodology includes biblical instruction, Christ-centered accountability groups, personal testimonies, trained peer-to-peer support, and professional counseling referrals to assist individuals who desire to embrace their true identity in Christ. We promote a message of transformation where individuals need not be controlled by unwanted same-sex sexual/relational desires. We also provide support to those who have loved ones experiencing same-sex attraction and equip churches and individuals to communicate the message of hope and freedom in Christ.

Portland Fellowship is a non-profit, interdenominational ministry. We do not support political agendas or candidates. We are not a mental-health agency. We do not practice reparative (or conversion) therapy, as those goals and methodologies differ from the stated goals of Portland Fellowship. Please call the office if you have questions.

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