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Taking Back Ground

A Discipleship and Support Program

Taking Back Ground is a powerful discipleship program that equips those struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions to walk in freedom by providing authentic worship, in-depth teaching, and small group accountability. If you are struggling with sexual and relational issues, please consider joining us for the Taking Back Ground program. If you are not in Portland, consider TBG online.
TBG Online
We are always taking applications for upcoming sections.

  • The entire program is 2 years
  • Each year is separated into 3 sections
  • The program year begins in October
  • New participants are welcome throughout the year

First section is Oct-Nov, the second section is Jan-Feb, and the third section is Apr-May. A retreat is offered in the month of March.

PF founding director Phil Hobizal shared the heart behind each of the six sections of our Taking Back Ground discipleship program.  We have since compiled all of his articles into one packet, which you can view and download here Taking Back Ground Overview

If you have questions or would like to schedule a one-hour intake and receive the forms for Taking Back Ground, please contact Jason at (503) 235-6364.

To order a copy of Taking Back Ground volume 1 or 2 for yourself or for a study group (in print or PDF) go to our Taking Back Ground bookstore. Available in both english and spanish.

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View the table of contents of our workbook

Volume 1  Volume 2


Check out the online program

Learn more about facilitating your own Taking Back Ground Group at: www.takingbackground.com

For orders of 10 books or more… call the office for a discount: call 503.235.6364

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