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Ministry Team

Portland Fellowship comprises of both staff and volunteers. Many who complete the Taking Back Ground program join the leadership team in the form of teachers, worship leaders, prayer partners, and small group leaders. PF has a Board of Directors who oversee the Executive Director position, who inturn, manages a staff. Although we have several amazing people leading our different programs, the following are a few leaders who oversee different parts of our programs.


Jason Thompson - Executive Director

In 1989, at the age of 19, Jason Thompson approached a crossroads in his young life --what to do with his unwanted homosexual feelings. Relying on his Christian upbringing, he made the difficult decision to follow God's word and sought help to overcome his struggle and walk in freedom. His search led him to Portland Fellowship, a Christ-centered ministry to those who desire change from sexual brokenness. Through biblical counseling and loving support, Jason found the freedom he was seeking and now serves as Executive Director for Portland Fellowship.

Jason graduated from Multnomah Bible College in Portland, Oregon, and holds a Masters Degree in Counseling from Western Seminary. He is an ordained minister through the church. Jason and his wife Amy had their first child, Abigail in 2000. Sadly, Abbie passed away at 3 1/2 months due to a heart defect. A few years later, the Lord blessed Jason and Amy with two amazing boys, Trevor and Cody.

Jason produced "The Map" in 2002, an interactive CD-ROM for youth, and in 2008 he produced and launched www.reachtruth.com, an online support program for youth and young adults. In 2012, he produced Taking Back Ground Online (www.takingbackground.com) and recently produced an online program for family and friends, Hope Group Online (www.hopegrouponline.com). He is currently collaborating to produce a new online video series to educate and support families struggling with transgender issues.



Patrick Silvis - Program Manager

Patrick arrived at Portland Fellowship in 2012 seeking guidance and healing for his unwanted same-sex struggles. Through the powerful love and discipleship of the Upper Room Community and Taking Back Ground program, he was able to surrender his needs to the Lord and has experienced tremendous healing and growth in his identity in Christ. Where he once thought he had to earn the favor of God and man through helping others, Patrick is now excited to offer himself as the good gift that God created him to be.

Patrick holds a B.A. in World Languages and Cultures (Spanish) from Mercyhurst University. He served on the mission field in Mexico City for 2 years and holds certificates in Cross-Cultural Leadership and Missions Mobilization from Latin America Mission (now a branch of United World Mission). Patrick has shared his testimony and led Q&A sessions on biblical sexuality in Portland, Idaho and Pennsylvania. He coordinates PF's Hope Group, Upper Room Community and Taking Back Ground programs. Patrick also leads worship at Portland Fellowship and in his local church.



Heidi Perry - Hope Group Coordinator

Heidi walked through the doors of Portland Fellowship almost 20 years ago seeking help after devastating news from her husband, Ron. His hidden same-sex attraction had deeply compromised his walk with God and damaged their marriage. At first, they tried to cope by going to a counselor, but soon realized they needed more support. After meeting with Jason at PF, Ron heard of the hope and freedom that was available for himself, for Heidi and for their marriage. Although it was difficult, they began a journey of hope, forgiveness, reconciliation and rebuilding trust with both God and each other. Ron completed PF's 2-year Taking Back Ground program, and Heidi joined the Wives Group for support and encouragement, which she then led for several years. In 2016, Heidi and Ron began volunteering for Hope Group by cooking the monthly meals. As the Lord has blessed her through the ministry, Heidi now blesses others by facilitating the Hope Group, PF's ministry to Friends and Family of gay loved ones.

Heidi holds a degree in Elementary Education with a Middle School Math Endorsement from Portland State University. She retired in 2014 after teaching in the public schools for 25 years. Heidi and Ron have two daughters and sons-in-law, four grandchildren and three great grandchildren.



KathyGrace Duncan - Women's Ministry

When KathyGrace began her walk into to the truth of who she is, she also walked into Portland Fellowship. After living for eleven years as a man, she yielded her heart and said yes to the invitation to become the woman God created her to be. Through her obedience and courage, and with the support and love she's received, KathyGrace is now living in the fullness of restoration as a daughter of God. In February 2018, she will celebrate twenty-five years of freedom and redemption.

KathyGrace has served at Portland Fellowship for over twenty years working with women in the programs. She is one of the teachers for the Taking Back Ground Online series, leads women's small groups and facilitates discussion groups for the weekly TBG meetings. KathyGrace has also given her testimony in various churches and taught on transgender topics. Her heart is for women to know who they are in Christ and to understand how valuable they are.