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Has someone you love embraced homosexuality? Is someone you care for struggling with same-sex attraction? Are you confused about how to show love in a situation that challenges your own Christian beliefs? Is it difficult or impossible for you to find people with whom you can share your pain?

There are 2 Options Available to You

1. Join us at the Portland Fellowship House the second Friday of each month at 6:30 PM for a meal, teaching and prayer with others.

Each month, we invite parents, family members and friends of persons who are affected by homosexuality to a discussion that provides information and encouragement. The meetings are usually led by a staff member or intern. You may come to listen and participate as you choose. We will begin with a meal together, prepared by the staff. (a free-will contribution is appreciated for the meal). The group is open to all who are interested and requires no registration, but please contact us via email or phone so we can have a head count for meal preparation. For monthly reminders, please sign up for the program through your online profile. Simply log in, or sign up and join the program "Family and Friends".

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2. For those unable to join us for our Hope Group in Portland, we have created a video series "Hope Group Online".

This series will encourage you, and offer direction and hope. The program offers teachings and handouts. The program can be used for personal use or group use. Sign up is donation based. To sign up go to www.hopegrouponline.com

Please feel free to call the office with any questions you may have about these programs and groups: 503-235-6364.