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Upper Room Requirements

Moral Standards: Participants are expected to live within moral guidelines implicitly and explicitly found in scripture: no sexual misconduct, no drunkenness, no illegal or recreational drug use, no gossip or slander, etc. Violations of these moral standards will be dealt with immediately, and could result in expulsion from the Upper Room Community and eviction from the house.

Attendance: Participants will be expected to attend the Taking Back Ground program on Tuesday evenings, Upper Room Community meetings on Thursday afternoons (12:30-4:00pm), ministry retreats, each of the individually scheduled mentoring meetings, and participate in other ministry events (schedule to be determined).

Personal Growth: We are accepting applicants (in their 20's or 30's) who have experienced God's transformational work in their lives. This community is not designed for those just beginning a journey of personal healing; rather, it is a continuation of the work already begun. Previous involvement in a support group (such as Living Waters, CrossCurrent, Steps to Freedom, Taking Back Ground, personal counseling or another similar support system) is important for consideration of acceptance into the community. Participants are also expected to find the support of a local church body for their own spiritual growth and encouragement.

Commitment: Those wanting to be a part of the Upper Room Community must commit to participation for the full nine-month duration. In joining the URC, you are not only committing to your own healing journey, but also to a community of others who are doing the same. Being engaged both physically and emotionally in the program is vital to the growth process for everyone involved. We highly value everyone's faithfulness in completing the program.

Costs: Our desire is to make involvement in this community affordable for those participating. We encourage you to ask your church, family or friends to participate in supporting you during the nine-month program. The full cost of the program including a private room (including all utilities), program materials and mentoring is $800 per month (or a one-time payment of $7,200). A 2-month deposit is required upfront. If you have questions about how this is handled, please contact us.

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