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upperroomThe Upper Room Community is a nine-month residential program offered at Portland Fellowship. Since 2001, over 60 people have participated in this life-changing experience. Participants in the program live here in the Portland Fellowship house with up to 5 other roommates. The staples of the URC are intentional community, discipleship, and one-on-one mentoring/counseling.

Intentional community is integral to the function of the URC, since our wounds are relational and healing comes through relationships. Participants are committed to seeking relational refinement and encouragement with other roommates--uplifting each other and building up the body of Christ right where they live. Housemates participate in many activities together, both fun and challenging. These can include retreats, game nights, outings, prayer & accountability, process group and service projects.

Discipleship in the Upper Room Community consists of weekly house meetings with the staff to learn and grow in spiritual and relational development. This time together usually involves devotions, community concerns, group discussions, a time of teaching and prayer. Potential teaching and discussion topics include; Spiritual and Relational Development, Wounds that Hinder Growth, God's Restoring Power, Spiritual Disciplines, Relational Wholeness, etc. These meetings take place at the PF house and are usually during the day.

hosueAlong with group discipleship is a time for individual mentoring. Participants will meet once a week with a staff member in one-on-one meetings to work on personal growth and healing. Participants will also be encouraged to seek professional counseling as needed.

Those committed to the program will also be part of regular Taking Back Ground meetings.

Outside of these commitments, those in the Upper Room Community are encouraged to seek normal employment. Please keep in mind that you may need to adjust your work schedule around the Upper Room meetings.

Portland Fellowship places a high value on regular church attendance and participation, as our discipleship programs are only a conduit for integration into the larger body of Christ. Participants are free to choose and attend the church of their choice, and must be committed to a local congregation during their time in the URC.

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